Wedding Disco

Uplighter DiscoWedding Disco

For our wedding DJs, creating the perfect wedding disco is not only their forte, it’s something they’re passionate about. It’s not just about playing a set; our DJs are truly professional performers and experienced experts in making your wedding disco memorable, special and with just the right atmosphere. Every venue has a different ambience, every couple a different collection of wishes for their disco, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver an outstanding evening – whatever your requirements may be.

Got an Odd Request?

Whether it’s an unusual mix of a new release, a special announcement or anything else – nothing’s too much. We understand that your wedding day is one of – if not the most – special days of your life, and our DJs will work tirelessly to ensure your wedding disco surpasses expectations.


In our two decades of experience we’ve seen it all – and seen how stressful pre-wedding preparation can be. We appreciate that it’s easy to forget things and similarly that things crop up last minute, but should you need to request a song, change of set-up, location or playlist last minute, we’re here to make your wedding day easier, and your disco go off without a hitch.